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Adoor Gopala Krishnan

Production: Kulathoor Bhaskaran Nair

Story/Screenplay: Adoor Gopala Krishnan
Camera: Ravi Varma
Starring: Gopi, Lalitha, Kaviyoor Ponnamma

This film presents a vivid account of a country bumpkin coming to terms with his marriage. It touches on village life, its rituals, its occupations, its people, its family relationships. The last provides the most interesting theme of the film. The film has no background music. It uses the natural sounds of Kerala's countryside, ranging from the majestic drums of Kathakali to the strident mooing of cows. Adoor Gopalakrishnan is scrupulous about the authenticity of his material. He has an exact eye for faces and has drawn exemplary performances from his actors. Gopi, in particular, is remarkably astute as the main character Sankarankutty. He fidgets, he grins, and wears a look of doleful befuddlement which makes him vulnerable and appealing.

Adoor GopalaKrishnan was born in the Adoor village of Kerala in 1941. Kathakali was part of life, when he was a kid, in the family. But later, the theatre and camera took that place. By the time he entered the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in Pune in 1962, he had already written over a dozen plays and produced eight. Adoor made several documentaries and films which won several national and international awards.
1972: Swayamvaram (One's Own Choice)
1977: Kodiyettam (Ascent)
1981: Elippathayam (Rat Trap)
1984: Mukhamukham (Face to Face)
1987: Anantaram (Monologue)
1989: Mathilukal (The Walls)
1993: Vidheyan (The Servile)
1995: Kathapurushan (Man of the Story)

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