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Shaji N Karun

Script: Shaji N Karun, S. Jayachandran Nair
Camera: Hari Nair
Music: K Raghavan, Isaac Thomas Kottukapally
Starring: Aswani, Sarath, Venmani Vishnu, Haridas, BharathGopi

Swaham sketches the plight of a widowed mother and her children whose small coffee-shop no longer returns enough income to feed the family. The family of Ramayyar holds a small coffee shop in an isolated village. Ramayyar, an affectionate husband, dies in an accident. His wife Annapoorna, only finds herself with two children.

After her husband's death, Annapoorna's life rocks in the black and white, with time, and sometimes the color of her life returns - the time of happiness - through her memories ... Her son must find work, but one needs money "to buy" a promise of employment... Her daughter is still young, full with the unconcern of the children, vis-a-vis with a misfortune which really does not touch them. They are likely to be expelled from their house by their owner, who needs money to marry his daughter off - the dowry -, always the dowry! Then, she is forced to go up the soapy slopes of life...and to resist the anaesthesia of the happy memories... Will the colors of her life return or the black will end up devouring the white?

Shaji N Karun was born on the 1st, January 1952.
1988: Piravi (Birth) .
1996: Swaham (Destiny).
1999: Vaanaprastham (The last Dance).