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Shaji N. Karun

Script: S. Jayachandran Nair

Starring: Premji, Archana, CV Sreeraman, Lakshmiamma

When a young engineering student Raghu fails to come home from a distant college, his aged father continues going to the village bus stop day after day in the hope that he would come one day. The old man's wandering about in search of his dear son, ends up in a mysterious finding.

Piravi is a simple story that creates a sustaining mood by close attention to detail. The focus is on an aged father in a village who has heard that his son, a student at the University of Trivandrum, may have been arrested by the police for instigating unrest against the authorities.

The family awaits the return of the son of the house, without whom, the family life is suspended. And every day, the father goes to the bus stop, hoping for his son's return. One knows the effects repetition regards to comic. There is also empathy from repetition, from which Piravi benefits best. Very quickly, it is obvious that the son will not return, that these ways follow one another in vain, but the father continues to achieve the same ritual of waiting and greeting.

The width of film consists in pointing this individual drama like a small natural catastrophe. Karun films the landscape of kerala, perpetually beaten by the rains, as if from now on monsoon was never going to cease. It is a whole ecosystem which is disturbed by this event against nature.

Shaji N Karun was born on the 1st, January 1952.
1988: Piravi (Birth).
1996: Swaham (Destiny).
1999: Vanaprastham (The last Dance).