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Magnifying Glass

Ambazhathil Karanakuran Lohithadas

Kripa Films

Script: Lohitha Das
Camera: Venu
Music: Johnson
Edited: G. Murali
Starring: Mammootty, SreeLakshmy, KavyaMadhavan, Sindhu, Remya, KalabhavanMani, Gopakumar, CherthalaLalitha, PeringottyVijayan, Srihari, RizaBava

Bhoothakkannadi is an account of closeness, the pain of loss, and the vulnerability of the human mind when faced with senseless events. Vidyadharan is a clocksmith living with his daughter. His wife has died of a snakebite long ago, but the love of his youth, Sarojini, lives next door with her own daughter. Life goes on, until one day Sarojini's daughter becomes victim to a senseless act of violence and Vidyadharan begins to lose the soundness of his mind. The magnifying glass, used as a clocksmith's instrument, becomes Vidyadharan's window to a world which looks completely different from before. Bhoothakkanadi is the very promising first direction by A K Lohithadas, known before for his scripts and screenplays for theatre and film.

Ambazhathil Karanakuran Lohithadas was born on May 10th, 1955 in Chalakkudi. In 1985 he started writing stories for Malayalam Language Drama. Since 1987 he has been writing scripts for Malayalam language Cinema. His first screen play, 'Thaniyavarthanam', was filmed by the director Sibi Malayil with Mammootty in the lead role. He has directed his thirty-third script BHOOTHAKKANNADI himself.
1997: Bhoothakkannadi.
1998: Kanmadam.
2000: Joker.