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Theyyam -- Wonderful Folklore of Northern Kerala

Theyyam is a ritual dance form glorifying the goddess. Theyyam (derived from daivam, meaning god), is believed to bless the farmers and their landlords. There are more than 300 theyyams (each one with distinguishing headgear, costume and makeup!!), and each one tells a wonderful story of the old times.
This ancient art form can be seen in temples and houses in north malabar (parts of Kannur and Kasaragod districts of Kerala), during January to May.
Musical instruments like chenda (drums) and kuzhal (horn) along with the 'thottam paattue' (songs that tell story about theyyam), and rhythmic steps of 'theyyam' creates a divine environment. The character presented is a divine or heroic one.
Even when people admire the art of 'theyyam', most of these artists are struggling to make a living! Everybody loves this art-form! Wonderful!!... But.. nobody seems to care for the artist behind all this!!

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